rhc specialise in integrated design and marketing communications, with a genuine commitment to challenge conventional thinking – harnessing all the design and marketing skills needed to build your brand and your business, both online and off.

Our core services include:

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The difference with rhc

Since business life is complex enough, we keep communication lines short. You work directly with rhc professionals involved in planning and creating your marketing material. Not a revolving door of account handlers.

Our mantra: the art of creative strategy

Know the subject – we analyse the product, the market and audience thoroughly
Communicate clearly – whatever the message, we give it structure and coherence
Remember the objective – not art for art’s sake, but design to sell
Tell a good story – a logical process to gain attention, interest, desire, action
Keep it simple – make your point, and make it count

rhc advantage

rhc advantage is a division of rhc that specialises in adult, older and mature (50-plus) consumers. We help our clients to plan and create more effective marketing strategies and communications for this large and growing group.   Our services include consultancy, copywriting, creative, design, brand, communications and marketing planning, research and conference speaking.