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Center Parcs brand manual

Brand manual

With 13 leisure parks (each approx 450 acres) in 5 countries in Europe including 4 in the UK, Center Parcs was the leading leisure brand in Europe for many years. However with new ownership and a merger with the second largest, Gran Dorado, an even bigger world of 21 Center Parcs has been created.

After months of research, exhaustive brand evaluation and segmentation, the new master brand and three sub-brands were created by rhc. Carefully designed to retain the core brand essence of Center Parcs, yet dovetail with the revised marketing strategy, to offer more choice to more people in more locations.

To support the smooth transition a comprehensive brand manual was produced as a guide for the usage of the master brand and sub-brands. Designed to enhance the delivery of this new CP offer through all the various media channels, retaining existing loyal customers and attracting new ones.

Your skills of interpretation and creative vision have articulated our thoughts with remarkable clarity, remaining loyal to our original concept and encapsulating the true essence of the Center Parcs brand. A fabulous piece of brand communication you should be proud of.Michiel Illy – Marketing Manager, Center Parcs Europe