Slough Estates sales brochure 240 Bath Road

Sales & marketing collateral

Dedicated to the business space needs of the world’s largest and smallest companies… Providing 4.1 million sq m of space at key locations in ten countries… Backed by the highest standards of customer service… SEGRO creates environments where companies, people and communities can thrive.

The 200 Bath Road commercial property brochure was designed to showcase this flagship development in one of the Thames Valley’s premier office locations. With distinctive typography and dramatic photography commissioned to create a fresh look and feel that would appeal to senior level management of leading multi-national companies.

With so much invested in this new office headquarters, in such a competitive market, it was essential that both the design and print communicated the quality and commitment to excellence that this development represents. We are delighted with the brochure. The concept, the photography, the copy and the execution were of the highest standard.Fraser Robinson – Marketing Manager, Development Division, SEGRO