Wendy Wu

Travel brochures

Wendy Wu Tours is the UK’s leading independent specialist tour operator to China and a leading operator to Indochina and India. Many UK operators claim to offer authentic travel experiences, but only Wendy Wu Tours can claim to be owned by someone born in China, with all the unique local knowledge, contacts and access that this implies.

rhc were commissioned to design and produce a series of six brochures over 18 months to reflect the inspiration, insight and stunning destinations that Wendy Wu Tours offer.

It is crucial that our brochures reflect the authentic and unique nature of our brand in a way that really inspires our customers and our travel trade partners. We were genuinely impressed with the customer and brand insight that rhc demonstrated – but what really turned us on was their creative vision for the brand, which will be manifested in some of our most stunning brochures yet.Manuel Mascarenhas – Managing Director, Wendy Wu Tours