Online video

Online video production

Video is a must

Having video on your website is more important than ever. The internet has now become a truly multimedia space where you must have a presence.

On average over 50% of people will leave a website within 8 seconds. They leave because static words and pictures are no longer enough to hold their attention. Customers now expect to see video when they interact with your brand online. A silent website is perceived as dull and outdated and could potentially loose you customers.

Effective use of video can place you at a massive advantage over your competitors. Instead of a faceless business, you become someone with a personality and a voice.

Do it right

However, it’s not enough just to have video. Your video must be filmed professionally. Cheaply shot footage, or homemade video shot on a smart phone could cast your business in an unprofessional light and do you more harm than good.

Instead you need a professional, using high definition cameras and professional lighting and sound equipment. When you turn your website into a video experience not only do you win more business, but you are perceived as an expert in your field.

rhc can create high-end, cutting-edge videos for your company, without the high costs of a production studio. We have a small team of professionals that have all the latest digital equipment to produce a truly stunning production. We can even write compelling scripts and provide professional presenters or voiceover artists if required.

Take a look at some of our productions

Or why not give your company presentations some zing with an animated movie.

Simply contact us today to discover how easy it is to create a professionally produced corporate video.