rhc specialise in integrated design and marketing communications, with a genuine commitment to challenge conventional thinking – harnessing all the design and marketing skills needed to build your brand and your business, both online and off.

Our core services include:
Research & Planning
Strategic Brand Development
Creative Design & Marketing
Web Design & Development
Digital Marketing
PPC Management
Permission-based e-Marketing
Brand Collateral & Print Management
Direct Marketing
Creative Photography: Product, Location & Aerial
Film and Video

In safe hands
Since business life is complex enough, we keep communication lines short. You work directly with rhc professionals involved in planning and creating your marketing material. Not a revolving door of account handlers.

Our Mantra

Know the subject
We analyse the product, the market and audience thoroughly
Communicate clearly
Whatever the message, we give it structure and coherence
Remember the objective
Not art for art’s sake, but design to sell
Tell a good story
A logical process to gain attention, interest, desire, action
Keep it simple
Make your point, and make it count

  • Working for you

    To deliver more effective, integrated creative solutions

    To add value to your advertising and marketing mix

    To maximise your Return On Investment

    The creative team consists of senior professionals with strategic planning, advertising, design and marketing skills – plus a network of professional associates in areas such as photography, printing, P.R., web development, media buying and research – together offering a comprehensive and reliable service.

    A dynamic ideas culture
    Passionate and fully committed, our team work with clients to deliver engaging creative solutions and flawless execution. We pride ourselves on being an agency that concentrates on the detail. We are determined to help you succeed.

    Our top priority is your bottom line
    We work hard to identify a commercial advantage, shape a fresh approach and ensure your business stands out from the crowd.

    Working for you
  • Marketing workshop

    Strategic research and creative effectiveness
    To eliminate subjectivity and maximise effectiveness, rhc’s creative strategy are derived from a thorough understanding of our clients’ business, market, competitors and target audience.

    A Marketing Workshop, where we can explore these areas together, can often help define future brand strategy. After all, brilliant creative work, a great media schedule and even a sizeable budget are all wasted if the brand’s strategy isn’t right.

    A Marketing Workshop would include you and all the key stakeholders involved in developing your business.


    To facilitate the identification, discussion and agreement of all relevant brand/marketing issues by stakeholders in the business, in an efficient and structured manner, such that there is clarity and definition going forward. This would act as the basis for subsequent marketing activity.

    We’d need a minimum of three hours in a quiet room with a flip-chart and loads of post-it notes!


    Structured / moderated discussion around the following subjects, captured on flip-chart and development notes.


    A summary report and recommendations.

    Key issues:

    Why are you here? What is the vision for the business? What are the objectives?
    (beyond what we might have already identified)

    Product and brand categories: overview

    Key audiences, definition in summary – by product/brand: intermediaries, end users, buyers, influencers

    What are the sales objectives and priorities, by product/brand and audience.

    Communications objective, for each important audience: current and desired – cognitive, conative and affective

    Looking at the route to market, where are there needs & opportunities?

    Product and brand definition:

    Key features and benefits, competitive advantage (what makes you better/different to the competition, that matters to the buyer?)

    How should this be communicated:
    Proposition, substantiation, tone of voice and imagery?

    This gives you an idea of the process. It’s a really important exercise that will guide your future brand positioning and marketing strategy, whoever implements it for you. We’d hope it would be us of course!

  • Project management

    Our online solution – a fast, easy way
    Experienced personal project management is backed by rhc’s powerful web based proofing system, Netsetgo. With 24-7 online access to review and approve high volume, time-critical design work. Netsetgo Simplifies workflow and cuts delivery time in half.

    Project management

    Collaborative workflow
    Netsetgo is ideal for day to day management of large and small projects alike, without making and emailing PDFs. With Netsetgo, real-time discussion threads save time, reduce email overload and keep the IT department happy by getting rid of large email attachments. With no need for software or downloading, netsetgo is perfect for PC or Mac platforms.

    The key points
    Simple and secure web based system
    Easy to access at the office or on the move 24-7
    Real-time project updates and reference
    Easy-to-use commenting and markup tools
    Cross platform, supporting many file formats
    Avoids e-mail and software problems
    Access privileges specified by you

  • RHC Advantage

    Our sister company
    rhc advantage is a division of rhc that specialises in adult, older and mature (50-plus) consumers. We help our clients to plan and create more effective marketing strategies and communications for this large and growing group. Our services include consultancy, copywriting, creative, design, brand, communications and marketing planning, research and conference speaking.

    RHC Advantage

    Why we’re here
    There are now more people aged over 50 than ever before. The over-50s account for 35% of the population, 47% of household expenditure and 80% of personal wealth. The over-65s are the fastest-growing age group and will increase in size by 50% over the next 20 years.

    This group of active consumers is too large to be ignored, too complex to be stereotyped and too diverse to be second-guessed. Yet that’s exactly what many businesses do.

    That’s where we come in.

    Who we are
    rhc advantage is headed up by Mark Beasley, an experienced marketing consultant who is also Chairman of the Mature Marketing Association. The full range of services provided by rhc is deployed where appropriate for the benefit of rhc advantage clients. And we don’t just talk the talk – we also walk the walk, as experienced and successful professionals.

    What we do
    We work with our clients to plan and create more appropriate, effective and relevant marketing and communications for older consumers. Our services cover the following areas: consultancy, creative and copywriting. We can help you at any point from strategic consultancy to tactical execution. We also speak at conferences and in-house seminars. Our clients have included corporates, SMEs and start-ups. Names include: Cancer Research UK, Clare Park Retirement Community, Co-op Retail, Cosmos, Fujitsu, Homeserve, LifeCare Residences, PepsiCo, Royal Horticultural Society, Sennheiser and Wendy Wu Tours.

    For a no-commitment discussion about mature marketing and your business, contact Mark Beasley or call 020 7193 0281.

  • Jobs at RHC

    No current vacancies.

    rhc creative strategy is a full-service marketing agency based in Odiham, Hampshire UK.

    rhc works with a broad range of organisations locally, nationally and internationally, across many diverse sectors.

    We are a dynamic and ambitious agency and always looking out for new talent. Why not send your CV and cover letter to creative@rhc.uk.com. No recruitment agencies, please!