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Direct Mail

Accurate data, a concise message, timed targeting and great creative will generate results that can be measured, making DM popular for both consumer and business promotions

Direct mail success

We make sure the journey from concept to the doorstep goes smoothly. It’s all in the planning. Whether it’s a one-off or part of an integrated campaign, we’ve got it covered.

Target your marketing activity

Direct mail (direct marketing) is about making direct contact with existing and potential customers to promote your products or services. Unlike media advertising, it enables you to target particular people with a personalised message.

Whether you’re focused on lead generation, introducing a new product or Customer Relationship Management, direct mail has a role to play in your marketing mix. Use it to send a letter, brochure, catalogue or even use it as part of your email marketing strategy.

The complete advertising direct mail solution

As well as designing and printing your direct mail, rhc can provide fulfilment and mailing solutions. We work in partnership with large mailing houses offering UK and International direct mail fulfilment.

rhc has a direct marketing solution to suit any business or organisation that is serious about achieving results.