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Marketing Workshops

Brilliant creative work, a great media schedule and even a sizeable budget are all wasted if the brand's strategy isn't right.

The Marketing Workshop is designed to include all the key stakeholders involved in a business. It’s aim is to facilitate the identification, discussion and agreement of all relevant brand/marketing issues by stakeholders in the business, in an efficient and structured manner, such that there is clarity and definition going forward. This would act as the basis for subsequent marketing activity.


Structured / moderated discussion around the following subjects, captured on flip-chart and development notes.


A summary report and recommendations that could drive future marketing strategy.

Key issues:
  • Key audiences, definition in summary - by product/brand: intermediaries, end users, buyers, influencers
  • What are the sales objectives and priorities, by product/brand and audience.
  • Communications objective, for each important audience: current and desired - cognitive, conative and affective
  • Looking at the route to market, where are there needs & opportunities?
  • Product and brand definition: key features and benefits, competitive advantage (what makes you better/different to the competition, that matters to the buyer?)
  • How should this be communicated: proposition, substantiation, tone of voice and imagery?

This gives you an idea of the process. It’s a really important exercise that will guide your future brand positioning and marketing strategy, whoever implements it for you. We’d hope it would be us of course!