rhc increased website traffic by 325%

February 26, 2018 By 0 Comments

Clare Park in Crondall is an independent retirement community for active elderly set in beautiful open countryside near Farnham, Surrey.

Following a recent renovation programme more retirement accommodation became available for rent within the private estate.

rhc advantage, a division of rhc that specialise in marketing to the 50-plus consumer identified the potential of a digital engagement campaign to promote the available property.

The approach was to communicate directly with the 50-plus siblings of retirees who were actively looking for suitable accommodation on behave of their ageing parents via a localised Pay Per Click campaign.

As they searched the net for retirement property Clare Parks’ advert could appear on the first search page, directing them to the website for all the information needed to arrange a viewing.

Increasing Clare Parks website traffic by 325% and generating 50 leads in 2 months. Utilising the power of the internet to out perform traditional press advertising in less time at a fraction of the cost!