Get Noticed with These 10 Creative Marketing Tips

December 18, 2018 By 0 Comments

Every business needs to spend time thinking about their marketing techniques. Whether you’re an established SME or starting to building your brand, creative marketing is the best way to get noticed.

All it takes to get started is to begin brainstorming. Look around your physical location and the way you interact with your customers. How can you mix all of those together with the unique pull of your brand?

Sometimes the best way to get going is by a burst of inspiration. We’ve gathered together some creative approaches to marketing down below. Use them to bring new life to your marketing strategy or as a way to kickstart the brainstorming!

1. Hold a Contest

Contests are a great way to get your customers involved and interested. The best part about contests is that there are countless different types to choose from. Hold a contest for anything from art, photography, or even let customers design a new kind of packaging for your products.

Use contests to boost interest in certain parts of your company that may be lacking from time to time. Your audience has fun throughout the process, and you have an easy way to show off your brand in a new way.

2. Encourage Customers to Share Photos

We’ve all heard of social media giants that use picture-sharing as their main appeal. Use that to your advantage.

A lot of innovative marketing ideas all stem from getting your audience to participate with your brand in multiple ways. So get on those popular social media platforms and ask for photographs from your customer. Pictures that show them interacting with your product in creative ways.

Give prizes for the best ones every week or highlight certain pictures through your own social media. And don’t forget to encourage them to use specific hashtags and other tagging methods to strengthen your brand.

3. Design a Mural

People enjoy looking at different styles of street art and murals as they pass by a building. Why not use that to show off your company?

Find an available space to paint a mural showing all the best parts of your brand. This way, even random people on the street run into your brand.

A great way to involve your audience with this is to go back to our first creative marketing strategies tip. Hold an art contest asking your audience to design a mural for you to use. It’s a win-win.

4. Urban Advertising

If your a company with a lot of local advertising needs, get creative by using the city around you.

Billboards are a tried-and-true way to advertise but what about the non-conventional ways? Turn a sewer grate into an ad for a grilling product. A crack in a wall makes a perfect plant stem for an ad about a gardening company.

The possibilities are endless to turn urban street furniture into something advantageous for your brand.

5. Host Giveaways

Everyone loves the chance to get free stuff. Giveaways are best utilized by social media where you have your audience share a specific hashtag or photo.

From there, the hashtag goes from person to person, building your brand for you. It makes your audience happy for the chance to win all while sharing your company’s name with their friends.

6. Use Visual Aids in Your Content

Giving your audience a constant stream of high-quality content gets people engaged with your brand. To keep their interest, include a lot of visual aids to your content.

Something with bright colours that draw in their interest. Alongside paragraphs of useful information, offset that information with a video or a graph. Even a picture of something funny does the trick.

It breaks up the information and gives the reader something easy to look at for a while before diving back into the rest of the content.

7. Show Off Memorable Personality

When it comes to shining above your competitors, showing your customers a strong personality is the way to go.

Take some time to decide whether you want the personality of your business to be humorous, witty, charming, or any combination thereof. Then, with every interaction, use that personality to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to be a little heavy-handed with it.

The stronger the personality, the more memorable you become.

8. Produce a Magazine

Whether it’s digital or in physical form, magazines share a lot of information with your audience. They’re a useful way to inform customers of upcoming sales or new products coming out.

To ensure that the magazine is share-worthy, include a lot of handy information as well. Things that will make a customer want to share the magazine with a friend or a colleague.

It’s also a good idea to include shout-outs or special offers for your customers in the magazine. It makes the magazine more enticing.

9. Offer Branded Tools

Things like hammers or nail files are small products we all use often enough. Why not put your name on it?

It’s a subtle way to give your audience a useful tool while still reinforcing your brand name when they use that tool. Products like this also make for great freebies to give your customers when they order products from you.

10. Create a Game

You don’t need to design the next Fortnite in order to have success in the gaming department. It could be something as small as a bingo-like app where customers log in to fill in their cards in order to win a small discount or a prize.

If the game has enough incentive, your audience will be back for more. They’ll tell their friends about the game and how it works with your company, all which strengthen your marketing presence.

The Creative Marketing Possibilities Are Endless

Although these are some of our favourite ways to get our creative marketing started, there are countless other ways too. All it takes is some brainstorming and the courage to try something new and unexpected.

Not only will it be a great way to get your brand out on the market, but your customers will enjoy the results as well.

Plus, the more you practice your innovative marketing ideas, the easier it becomes.

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