Keep It Fresh: Digital Marketing Trends

March 4, 2019 By 0 Comments

It’s inevitable. Each year, new technologies emerge and existing technologies get smarter. These technologies are impacting marketing in unique ways and directly affecting marketing strategies

Companies who don’t have a plan to align their marketing efforts to these new trends will not succeed.

It’s hard to keep your audience’s attention. They are being bombarded with marketing messages every second of every day. Updating your digital marketing plan to align with the newest trends is critical to getting your message through to your audience.

Don’t fall behind your competition. Let’s dive into the latest digital marketing trends you need to know in 2019.

Emerging Digital Marketing Trends

With so many new technologies available, it’s hard to decide what to add to your marketing strategy. Check out the following list of trends you should start paying some serious attention to.


Chatbots are capable of everything from answering basic customer inquiries to driving sales. Customers are already familiar with chatbots and have become comfortable communicating with them.

Each year, chatbots have grown more sophisticated. In fact, two out of three customers don’t even know they are using artificial intelligence.

And the technology isn’t slowing down.

There are now chatbots capable of answering complicated inquiries, such as healthcare diagnoses. Users can select predefined answers, and bots can answer with a recommended course of action. In some cases, it is more efficient than a visit to the doctor.

What’s in it for you?

Chatbots will help businesses save $8 million (£6 million) each year by 2022. They increase employee productivity, which reduces operating costs and wasted time.

They also can’t have “off days” or call in sick.

chat bot

Chatbots are capable of having an unlimited amount of conversations at a time. This means customer engagement rockets without the need for extra staff.

For these reasons, companies are in a race to develop new chatbot technology. Soon, this will be the standard. Those not using this AI will begin to look outdated.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Attention spans are shortening, so page loading time is more important than ever.

60% of search traffic now comes through mobile devices. Because of this, businesses must streamline their mobile sites and make the experience as quick as possible.

It’s important to increase the performance of your website to compete in search rankings. Google now offers a free tool called PageSpeed that measures site performance. It works by giving suggestions on how to improve that page.

The goal is to make sure that pages meet a minimum standard of performance.

You need to meet more than the minimum to deliver the best possible user experience and increase ROI.

Email Automation

A successful email marketing strategy attracts customers in a cost-effective and direct way. It should always be one of your digital marketing tactics.

Automation frees up time for marketing representatives while leaving less room for error.

Target customers based on demographics, preferences, and previous sales. Use this information to welcome new subscribers. Win back people who abandoned their shopping carts. This creates an intimate and personal experience.

You can also follow-up on purchases to increase brand engagement.

Automation also increases team collaboration by providing real-time activity of prospects. It makes information on leads readily-available to all departments that need it.

Drop unnecessary tasks and focus on other areas of your business. Direct marketing is the number one way to reach your audience.


Video content has been gaining prominence in digital marketing. It is an online marketing trend that will continue to grow, as 82% of all internet traffic will be video by 2022.

Video content will impact your conversation rate in a good way. In fact, Facebook posts with video perform 135% better than those with photos. There are an astonishing 8 billion video views on the platform per day.

On-demand streaming is the most popular way to consume video, but new subtypes of video are emerging. Many companies are using live video for product launches or announcements. These types of videos produce FOMO, which creates hype for the business.

Most users view video content on their mobile devices. For this reason, live streaming is beginning to replace broadcast coverage.

This trend is authentic and helps brands connect to their customer base. Video content offers a premium experience that businesses will need to adopt.

Voice Search

Voice technology is becoming more popular and advanced than ever before. The technology emerged with the use of smart speakers but is now standard on mobile devices as well.

Voice search has begun to replace typing in online queries, with 20% of mobile queries made by voice.

Google is now able to understand human language with 95% accuracy, which is almost equal to humans. Amazon’s Alexa is now part of the family.

voice search

Voice search requires less effort from the customer. This creates a more meaningful experience. A marketing strategy that saves customer’s time always performs well.

Today, it seems like everyone is a social media influencer or vlogger. Seeing people talking to themselves is a normal occurrence. Consumers are more comfortable using voice commands while on the move.

Customers will seek out services and platforms that offer this convenience. It is now vital that your marketing strategy includes voice search.


Today’s brands have to understand each customer. They have to identify individuals. And people want to associate with brands that “know” them.

Both businesses and customers enjoy an understanding of specific customer needs.

Data-driven campaigns can predict and personalize content for consumers. Algorithms and hashtags generate content, so companies can advertise products on customer news feeds. Cell phones notify customers of stores nearby or content that appeals to them.

This tailored content makes us feel special. Increases customer engagement, which leads to brand loyalty and reduced acquisition costs.

Experian has reported that personalized marketing emails increased open rates by 29% per cent. Unique lick rates increased by 51 percent.

Great marketers are pushing their analytics teams to find new ways to identify customers. In the age of instant gratification, personalization is not only a convenience. We now demand it.

Stand Out From the Crowd

A digital revolution is transforming how businesses target customers, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone with your marketing strategy.

Become familiar with these digital marketing trends to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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