Social Media Engagement

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Did you know that there are close to 2.1 billion people with social media accounts? In fact, there are about 7 out of 10 internet users who are active on social media this very moment.

This shows the potential for your business to grow on social platforms. Compared to traditional media, social media has a different element that stands out: community interaction.

Don’t fret if you’re a bit lost or uncertain. Read on below to discover what social media engagement is and how it can help you with your business:

1. What Is Social Media Engagement?

Take a look at an online business and their social media posts. The number of interactions made with those posts take in the form of likes or reacts, shares, and comments. This factor is social media engagement.

As a metric, engagement runs as a common factor in evaluating the performance of online business in social media. This does not translate into sales but it does speak of the business’s popularity and presence among people.

Social media engagement is a measurement of how effective a company is when interacting with its customers online. In essence, it stands as an avenue for digital marketing.

2. The Importance Of Social Media Engagement

Now how does social media engagement help businesses? How can you use them in an effective way that could lead to sales? Here are some factors to look at regarding how this can help you.

Social Media Presence And Proof

Think about this for a moment. Your customers pay attention to their social media accounts for more than two hours a day.

By establishing a social media presence and engaging them, you can build a following through quality content. It’s true that it takes time to build but it is a worthy investment.

It’s not about the number of likes you accumulated on your Facebook page, for instance. It’s about how your prospective customers view your business.

When a prospective customer looks at your business page and sees not only a high amount of followers but also a good number of positive testimonials and reviews, it attracts them. They get the impression that your services are what they are looking for.

Build your brand and make your presence known.

Marketing Reach Through Social Media

Print and broadcast media spread awareness of your business or product. This has shown its effectiveness even now but it may also have limits.

Social media also allows for another level of marketing reach. It works as an effective digital marketing tool that can bring in customers both old and new.

With social media, your reach can now reach a global scale. This is due to the accessibility provided by the internet.

In the past, there were constraints faced in marketing globally. The limits of media during that time can only spread as far as either the locality or country. Now, this constraint no longer applies due to the advancements in technology.

A Cost-Effective Medium For Advertising

When compared to traditional marketing, using social media can provide something less taxing. It doesn’t need the expenses seen in printing.

Instead, it opens up different hurdles and aspects to marketing. These happen to be unique factors only present in using social media and the internet.

When compared to a flyer, a social media post can reach about the same amount of people for less the cost. Through re-shares and engagement, you can market your business without spending too much.

On the flip side, there is also the aspect of using marketing funds to boost your posts. Or by using PPC in conjunction with SEO.

Boosting Brand Awareness

Here is a good thing about Social Media. Like how Print and Broadcast Media works in marketing, they increase brand awareness.

Many companies make use of social media engagement and marketing as an avenue to boost their presence online.

3. How Does Engagement Help You?

Now that we see how important social media engagement is, let us look at how engaging your customers and followers can help your business.

Engagement Affects Content Visibility

By engaging your audience, the probability of them seeing your posts increases, whether they are long-time customers or prospects.

Shares are among the most influential factors in visibility. To further cement this fact, the changes made to Facebook’s News Feed prioritizes content from your friends list rather than from Fan Pages.

Family and friend recommendations provide a higher ad recall of about 55%. This shows that people trust the recommendations from their family and friends more.

Engagement Gauges Content Reception

Building rapport and relationship with your audience is what engagement provides. This means that how you engage with your audience can affect their reception to your content. For instance, Facebook’s algorithm identifies which content interests your audience.

Engagement increases the likelihood of your content appearing in their feeds. The reason is due to how they interact with those posts, thus causing them to see more of your content.

If a particular post performs well due to organic growth, it means your content resonates well with your audience that you do not need to pay for the post’s promotion.

To help your cause, also pay attention to your competitors’ posts and see how they perform.

Engagement Impacts ROI On Social Media

ROI and Engagement go hand in hand. With quality content and audience engagement, you might even get an increased ROI. In boosting posts, this shows that you have a lesser amount to pay when the post has a lot of interaction happening.

However, do note that Engagement alone is not enough. Aside from looking into the engagement numbers, consider looking for repeated and unique engagements from your audience.

Engage With Your Audience Today!

It proves that social media engagement works as a means to create presence and brand awareness. It is just as effective as print and broadcast media, or even more due to how cost effective it is. The best thing about social media is how it also provides interaction.

Engage with your customers today and build that trust.

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